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How to Maintain a Stone Countertop

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Everyone is using natural stone these days. It is so versatile you can use it on your floors, counter tops, back-splashes and more. The only downside is it absorbs stains easily. This is why it's important you seal them before that happens. Here is a video showing the various types of stone and an explanation on how to seal them. It also shows how to remove stains. just in case you need it. It's comforting to know that your counter tops are not ruined!

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How to Fix a Toilet

How to Fix a Toilet - Fill Valve Replacement Have you ever had a toilet that wouldn't stop running? IT'S ANNOYING!!! And trying to get a plumber to come out for such a small job is next to impossible. But that's ok. We're going to learn how to How to Fix a Toilet ourselves. It's really not that had when you have a step by step video like this. Soon you will be a DIY master!

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