Garbage Disposal 101

A garbage disposal is a great addition to any kitchen. It cuts down on waste and reduces any lingering food odors from the trash can. The problem is though, they can become easily clogged if not taken care of properly. Today we will include ways to clean your disposal, what not to put it in and even a how to video, should yours ever clog.


Grease or Oil:They can solidify and build up on your pipes.

Vegetable Peels:This is ok for some fruits and vegetables, but not the tougher skinned ones so choose wisely.

Egg Shells:There is a membrane on the inside of the egg that can wrap around the blades.

Coffee Grounds:They don’t flush away like you think and over time build up and clog.

Pits, Seeds or Bones.I think this is obvious but just in case… don’t!

Garbage:Anything non food, no matter how small it is. Example, those little stickers on the fruit.

If you should find that your disposal is clogged. There are a few things you can try yourself before hiring a professional or replacing the unit. Watch this short video…

Now that we’ve gotten your disposal up and running. Let’s talk ways to keep it clean and running smoothly.

Ice & Salt:Take one cup ice and one cup salt and put it down the disposal. Turn on the water and let run for a minute or so. This will scrape away any build up that you may have.

Baking Soda & Vinegar:A little of each with create a natural fizzy cleaning action that rinses grim away

Lemon:This is my personal favorite because of the scent it gives off. Cut up a lemon into smaller chunks. Place them down the disposal and let it run for a couple minutes. The lemon is a natural disinfectant. It cleans and makes the whole kitchen smell amazing!

Well that’s it for now. Hope you don’t have any issues but if you do, you know what to do!