How to Beef Up Attic Insulation

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The nights are getting longer and they are getting colder. Is your home ready? One way to ensure that your home stays toasty warm this winter is to beef up your insulation. Here is a quick how to video, along with a shopping list courtesy of This Old House!

Tools for Beefing Up Attic Insulation:

– tape measure
– insulation knife
– leaf rake, used to spread cellulose insulation
– dust mask
– hammer
– circular saw

Shopping List for Beefing Up Attic Insulation:
– cellulose insulation
– un-faced fiberglass insulation
– 2x10s for framing a storage platform
– 7/16-inch-thick OSB
– 16d nails”] for nailing together 2x10s
– 6d nails”] for nailing down the OSB
– 2-inch-thick polystyrene, used to cover subfloor