How to Make Your Kitchen Space Look Bigger

Hanging Kale Garden

As we get older, things seem to accumulate. This is especially true in the kitchen. Utensils, cookware, spices, small appliances, (still not sure why I bought that juicer.) After a while, it starts to feel cramped, cluttered and SMALL.

There are a few things that you can do to help your kitchen feel bigger again. One is organize (yeah I don’t care for that one either.) The other, is to make subtle changes that give the illusion of a larger space. Here are some examples…

Light colors make rooms appear larger so paint your kitchen a lighter color. You can also paint your cabinets a lighter color so that the light bounces seamlessly throughout the room.

Adding reflective surfaces will give the illusion that there is more space than there really is. Try adding a few glass cabinet doors or a strategically placed mirror. A metallic back-splash with some under the cabinet strip lights will make a big difference.

Always opt for built in appliances when possible. That extra foot or 2 can make a world of difference.

Last, if you don’t want to go through and organize everything, at least spruce up what’s visible. Add things like a decorative jar for utensils, an over the island pot rack or baskets for fruits and vegetables. Anything that serves a dual purpose. It looks good and its functional.

Ok, there you have it. For those of you who DID like the organize idea, here is a great video with organizational tips you can pick up at the dollar store. Even if you do one project a month, by this time next year your kitchen will be SPOTLESS!!